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How TheRedInkReport Works

Here is how to increase sales and your bottom line if you are in big ticket sales; real estate, mortgages, cars, furniture, etc. You should be seeing red. TheRedInkReport that is!

PROBLEM: Generating constant flow of customers, business leads and consumer leads.

SOLUTION: Membership to TheRedInkReport will help you reach new customers.

bankruptcy leadsTheRedInkReport is an affordable way to provide you with a steady stream of fresh, local, highly motivated buyer and seller leads. That is, people with pent-up demand and eager to do business with you. This is a huge market; good in good times and great in bad times.

Using our proprietary computer programs, we are able to offer you an approach that allows you to tap into lucrative consumer and business bankruptcy sales.

People who are discharged from bankruptcy will have pent-up demand for high ticket items such as cars, furniture, appliances, computers, cell phones, etc. For example statistics show that within 30 days of discharge, 37% of people will buy a vehicle. Wouldn't you like to know who those people are before your competition?


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Basic Bankruptcy Leads: If you are new to working BK leads as they are known in the trade, you may want to start out slow and do a little test marketing. Basic leads plan - Bankruptcy leads include one filing status, one Region and one chapter. Aged and Pre-Discharge Leads, Choose One Region, One Filing Status (choose filed bankruptcy or discharged bankruptcy leads), Choose One Chapter (choose chapter 7 or 13) and 24/7 Access To Members Area.

Premium Bankruptcy Leads: Premium leads plan - Bankruptcy leads include chapter 7 and 13, filings and discharges. Fresh Leads, Aged Leads (includes predischarge leads), Chapter 7 or 13, Filed - Discharged - One Region, Download Capability and 24/7 Access To Members Area.

Ultra Bankruptcy Leads: Unlimited access to all chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy cases in our database filings Plus Bonus features! Fresh Leads And Aged Leads, Chapter 7 - Chapter 13, Print Mailing Labels & Template Letters, Filed - Discharged - One Region, Additional counties avaiable at $2, Download Capability, Sort (by zip ,dates,counties,etc) and 24/7 Access To Members Area.

Business Bankruptcy Report: This is for those mining for gold. Essential providing maps of where you might find opportunities to purchase valuable assets for pennies on the dollar. This data identifies business bankruptcy cases where assets and in some cases entire business will be sold. This feature provides chapter 7 and 11 business bankruptcy cases; filings, discharges and dismissed. Fresh And Aged Leads, Additional Data Fields, Full Contact Information, Identifying Asset Cases, Any State, Unlimited Records Per Month and 24/7 Access To Members Area.

The number of bankruptcy filings is predicted to be on the rise. That translates to a huge market of eager customers looking for someone to do business with them.

HOW IT WORKS: We gather information on bankruptcy filings and discharges and store it in our databases. Our members can access this bankruptcy data 24/7, and use it for direct mail programs.

BENEFITS: Your membership allows you to create your own database giving you the benefit of controlling your own direct mail campaigns. This gives you flow control and the ability to monitor results, making adjustments on-the-fly, allowing fine-tuning the content of your promotional piece and timing of mailings to optimize your return on investment.

Affordable Fresh Bankruptcy Leads

Data is yours to use as much as you like; NOT a rental! No long term commitment!

To learn more about how you can add to your bottom line profits in this lucrative market, check the FAQ.

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